Training Management streets ahead

ITM, the Integrated Training Management system from Mission Control is now in active use with both Calgary Search and Rescue (CALSARA), and the Alberta Cave Rescue Organisation (ACRO).

CALSARA, which has been using the system for 2 and a half years has fully deployed ITM to help organise and manage all of it's training events. Ground Searchers can now easily register for any upcoming training event, and also easily see details of which training they have attended in the past. In conjunction with a special web service created specifically for CALSARA to use, significant time savings have been realised in recording event attendance information.

Training Event Coordinators within CALSARA have found that using the Automatic Mode for Event Registration has dramatically reduced the amount of time they have had to spend managing spaces and replying to people who want to participate in each event.

As part of a 2 year syllabus creation project, members of CALSARA's Training Team created over five hundred distinct Learning Objectives. By importing these Objectives into ITM, the Event Coordinators can now create detailed lesson allocations for instructors to work from. This allows for more consistant implementation of training, and delivery that more closely matches the desired learning outcomes.