MC Meets Warehousing Demand

Mission Control has provided strong experience to the Data Warehousing projects of several major Calgary companies, including WestJet and Walton International. Our expertise with ETL, dimensional modelling, reporting and cube optimisation has helped the project teams overcome many stumbling blocks during their warehouse implementations.

WestJet is Canada's second largest airline, and as a billion-dollar-plus publicly listed company, has very specific legislative requirements to meet in the form of the "C-SOX" auditing and financial reporting laws.

Every aspect of WestJet's reporting and decision making process is impacted by the need to be SOX compliant, making data validation, security and data access critical components of the warehouse design. The WestJet data warehouse is one of the largest corporate OLAP solutions in Canada, with over 3 terabytes of disk allocated to allow for current and near future data storage and manipulation needs.

Mission Control was able to bring solid RDBMS security practises to this complex project, ensuring that WestJet's decision makers could rest assured their solution met both industry best practises and SOX regulations. Walton International is a leading land investment company, head-quartered in Calgary. As a lead-in to a full blown data warehouse solution, Mission Control implemented a comprehensive ETL system to drastically increase the frequency of data loads into the existing corporate reporting solution.