2012-01-31 - ITM Releases 0.74.00 - 0.81.00
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Release 0.81.00 includes a major change to the way the Security Roles work, increasing the flexibility you have for applying privileges to users.

2012-01-31 - Release 0.81.00 Release Notes

  • Security Role Scope
    It is now possible for a Security Role to apply to specific Organisation Groups. Read the section entitled "Role Scope" in this article for more details on how this works.

  • Improved auditing
    Recent upgrades to the auditing system, in this and earlier releases, means that we now better track who is adding, editing or deleting records in the database. Although there is currently no user interface to see this data, and is being recorded and we can look at building such an interface in the future.

2012-01-17 - Release 0.80.05 Release Notes

  • When copying an Event Group, you can now specify a name to apply to all of the contained Events.
  • Bug Fix - when copying events, under certain circumstances a discrepancy of 30 minutes affected the event times.
  • Bug Fix - when copying events, Event Registration Restrictions are now copied as expected
  • Bug Fix - when copying events, Event Communication settings are now copied as expected

2012-01-12 - Release 0.80.00 Release Notes
  • Organisation Zones
    Large and complex Organisations need more than one level of heirarchy in ITM to manage their various units and branches. Therefore we have added the concept of an Organisation Zone, between the Organisation and Organisation Group.  Read more about Zones in this article.

2011-12-13 - Release 0.79.00 Release Notes
  • Added Auditing features to better track when data is added, editing or deleted.
  • Bug Fix - under some rare circumstances, deleting a Training Level returned an error code even when successful.
  • Added Feature Usage Statistics
  • Bug Fix - when copying Events, Calendars that the Event is shown on are now also copied to the new Event.
  • Bug Fix - when deleting and Event Group, and all associated Events, the associated Events are now fully deleted.
  • System Administrators now have the ability to delete an entire Organisation from ITM at once.
2011-10-30 - Release 0.78.00 Release Notes
  • Event Registration Restrictions
    It is now possible for Event Coordinators to specify which Organisation Groups, Training Groups and Contact States are allowed to register for an Event.

2011-09-28 - Release 0.76.00 Release Notes
  • In addition to "Report a Bug" and "Give Us Feedback", users can now "Ask a Question", which sends a message to the email address of your choice.  Let Mission Control Support know where you want your questions sent to and we will configure this for you.
  • Active States
    Most lists in ITM that use Contact Status as a filter, now default to using "Active States" instead of "All States".   Whether a Contact State is considered Active or not can be controlled by Organisation Administrators on the "Contact Status Types" page.

2011-08-28 - Release 0.75.00 Release Notes
  • Calendars
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