In addition to custom development and consulting, Mission Control provides a number of online services for it's customers.

ITM - Integrated Training Management

The ITM system is a comprehensive solution for training management for small and medium sized organisations.

The web-based interface allows all members of your training management team, as well as instructors and participants, to access and use ITM from wherever they may be.

ITM is in active use with several organisations in Canada and New Zealand, with over 1500 members of these organisations getting value from the system on a regular basis.

Community Hosting Management

Most volunteer run community organisations have a strong need to improve communications and collaboration for all of their members, yet few have the technical expertise at hand to use internet technologies to help that happen.

Mission Control provides that technical expertise for several volunteer organisations in creating, deploying and managing their online collaboration and communications tools.

By working closely with the leaders in these organisations, and offering training to volunteers on how to best manage the tools that we put in place, Mission Control helps build sustainable methods for engaging the volunteer base and providing an online space for them to work together.

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